So I was going through my archives and rediscovered these images, probably one of my favourite shoots to date. It was published on Sticks and Stones almost a year ago and I actually cannot believe how fast time has flown by! But here I am feeling all nostalgic and kind of wasteful of such amazing photos, what do I do with them now? I feel like they aren't done being a feast for the eyes... then it occurs to me that they would be a great in a blog post, I could share them and some info on the products I used and the ridiculous team I worked with and that would do them some kind of justice... I hope...

But how do you even start a blog?

I'm not sure, but a dear friend told me that it'd be a great place to start sharing all of the things I'm passionate about. So here I am. And to kick it off I thought I'd show the shoot I have been frothing over the minute I walked on set... and by set I mean a foodcourt in Chinatown.


Now I know what you're thinking.... it's so juicy already!


Let me introduce you to the gorgeous Tilly and Gemma our models for the evening. We did hair and makeup in the middle of a foodcourt surrounded by dozens of delicious looking (and smelling) stalls, while Meg our stylist and Ivy the photographer discussed outfits for the shoot. We also discussed food, highlighters (which Ivy them sampled all over her face) and how hard fringes are to commit to.


I am actually so in love with Tilly's eyeshadow, if you're wondering its a combo of Radon, Radioactive and a touch of Amelie by Melt Cosmetics. Uber pigmented shadows in an epic range of colours with magnetic stacks which make for effortless travel. Yes, so many words... but I have so many feels about the Melt eyeshadows. Seriously, they are my go to for most shoots! but I hadn't had a chance to bust out the vibrants until this shoot and ohhh boyyy was I pleased.


I created this delicious wing on Gemma with Tarte Cosmetics Clay Paint Liner for a black AF base, then finished up with their Lights, Camera, Action Liquid Eyeliner for an edge that could cut a B. We started off small and then I decided NOPE go hard or go home, Gemma's face is perfection so she pulled it off effortlessly. 


Skinnnnnnnn! I am an epic lover of skin, to me it's sooo important that your face is glowing BEFORE you apply your foundation. I start every face the same way, using Bioderma Micellar Water, Mario Badescu Facial Spray, Embryolisse Moisturiser, Dr. Lipp Balm and Mac Cosmetics Fix+. I'm thinking about incorporating the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme for some extra care, so when I get my hands on some I'll keep you updated! 
Then, for this look I applied Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation mixed with their Fluid Sheer Highlighter for that delicious dewyness.
Oh? that blinding glow you see? That was achieved using Pat McGrath's Skin Fetish in Nude, seriously it's heaven. 


After the shoot we all waddled back to the food court for a dumpling dinner session, ooooh just thinking about it now has me wanting to get Yum Cha for breakfast. There were so many great things about this shoot, the mood, the makeup (toot toot), the styling, the team, the atmosphere and the food *insert heavenly sound*
A huuuuge thank you to Ivy for organising and capturing! Have I told you yet how much I adore her? She is an absolute gem.

And wham bam thankya Mam! I did it! I think?