Lidija is undoubtedly one of the best makeup artists in Sydney.
Not only is she highly professional but extremely personable, making sure everyone on set- especially the model - is comfortable and having fun. I cannot recommend her enough and look forward to countless jobs together in the future.
— Ivy Erlinger, Fashion Photographer

As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and until this point hadn’t owned any reputable products (Coles was my go-to, lazy source of makeup supplies) the thought of heading out to build a personal makeup kit full of solid basics on my own was an intimidating and overwhelming feeling. I wasn’t able to discern between genuine guidance or a shallow sales pitch from staff working for the many brands on offer.
Enter Lidija; calm, knowledgable and passionate.
After a consultation on my skin concerns, makeup needs and current application skills, she curated a few hours of shopping and product testing. Equipped with the information from our consultation, she liaised with the staff to ensure I was being shown the correct products for my skin. There was no time wasted being sold products I was never going to use, and we ended up with an affordable yet quality kit that, for the first time in my makeup wearing life, I was excited to go home and try.
With the kit assembled, Lidija then taught me the function and application of each product, and provided so much insight and advice on how to best apply my daily makeup to suit my features.
This investment saved me from wasting money on useless products, prevented any nasty reactions to harsh products and left me feeling educated and confident with my makeup.
It was an empowering experience I’d recommend to anyone, this woman is an angel sent from the makeup heavens.
— Laura Riddle, personal makeup kit client